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An intellectual property (IP) attorney is a person who represents an IP applicant or IP holder and is specially qualified to do so, in, for example, patents, trade marks or registered designs. IP attorneys can help clients file, prosecute (e.g. respond to examination reports) and maintain IP applications, as well as act for clients in IP oppositions and provide patent validity and infringement advice.

Why should I use an IP attorney directory?

A standard lawyer with a Bachelor of Laws does not have the same qualifications as an IP attorney when dealing with matters specifically relating to intellectual property. An IP attorney is specifically qualified to manage and execute the highly specialised process involved in preparing a patent, trade mark or registered design application. This necessarily combines both technical expertise and legal know-how relating to IP. Therefore, most IP attorneys, and specifically patent attorneys, must generally have an engineering or science degree, and must have also completed a group of subjects prescribed by the country’s relevant. In Australia the relevant board is the Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trade mark Attorneys which, in addition to overseeing the qualification process for patent and trade mark attorneys, also publishes a Code of Conduct and administers the disciplinary regime for the profession.

IP attorneys also have a right of privilege in their communication with clients in respect of intellectual property matters, complete with the experience to deal with new inventions and to formulate creative ways to draft specifications so as to optimise protection for your idea.

The effectiveness of preventing competitors from imitating your IP depends, amongst other things, on how well your patent application is written and, most importantly, to what extent it is drafted to anticipate the ways in which potential imitators might attempt to bypass it.

IP Attorney Directory

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